I’m just a simple human… and a Christian – and struggling with depression and anxiety… this blog is about my travels through this part of my life’s journey… your welcome to follow me through the ups and the downs…

I’m blessed in that my husband is very support along with the rest of my family – including my adult children… and I have a bunch of friends who check in from time to time… and I have a core cue of great Christian friends whom I can sms with a quick message saying I need prayer – and they do… and I am ever so grateful!

I have also sought medical help – specialists and a great counselor who is providing a wonderful supportive role…


  1. I love your honesty, Christian & depression seem to be conflicting to many people, and something that isn’t talked often enough at church! It’s awesome to hear how you deal with depression while still holding onto Jesus 🙂 stay strong, Val

  2. I hit the like button, not that I like that you suffer from depression, but I like that you are finding the strength to write about it. And of course that I like meeting new Christian bloggers. I have written extensively on depression as I have suffered with bouts of it over the years and one day not long ago planned a trip to the desert where I would shoot myself in the head.
    Praise and Glory be to God, he had different plans for me that day. And God has different plans for you, as he wants you to live in VICTORY… and use your testimony to change the lives of others. I will be praying for you dear Sister.

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