And the Miracle Continues

Back on August 17, 2019 I experienced a miracle… I was healed of benign positional vertigo after 22 + years… in May of 1997 I was in an accident and received a basal skull fracture and a brain injury… Along with that came the vertigo…

I was at a church bonfire out in the country where there were really no street lights… Now, to balance we have three things we use… Our ears, eyes and C1/C2… my ears were damaged and I have neck issues so that left my eyes… When darkness hit, I could not find the horizon and I began to wobble… I literally could not stand still… I feared falling into the fire and I had resolved myself to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the car when two ladies from our church came up and asked to pray for me… As a direct result of that prayer, I was healed!!!! My vertigo was instantly gone!!!

While the ladies were praying for me the one lady prophesied over me that the healing would continue and I’m happy to report that it has! 😁

My thoughts have been healed… God opened my mind to be able to challenge my mindset and replace it with His truths… One of the biggest was realizing I have the mind of Christ!

1 Corinthians 2:16 (NLT): But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.

If we have the mind of Christ how can Satan possibly control our thoughts?!?!?!?! When the negative thoughts try to come I simply remind Satan that I have the mind of Christ and I’m not going to give credence to his thoughts and instead focus on what Christ would tell me instead…

I put on the full armour of God EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I’ve grown in my faith… I’ve grown in my identity with Christ…

I’ve continued healing so much that after 6 years off I am in the midst of planning to return to work! A year ago they seemed like a distant dream!

I’ve worked hard to get to where I am compared to 6 years ago… And Good has been there every step of the way…

I’m not perfect… I still take meds… My mental health is still a daily battle… I have set reminders on my phone to check my mind set several times a day… I have positive God truths that pop up on my phone so I can claim them… I am active in my church… I am a leader at our local Celebrate Recovery… And I am SOOOOO much better off than I used to be! It truly is a continuing miracle!

I’ve started listening to Joyce Meyer’s book Look Great Feel Great… And that’s providing me with more tools, ideas, to keep the miracle working…

I wish you well as you deal with your recovery…


  1. It’s good to read about some of the tools you’ve used to help such as setting alarms on your phone and reading the truths about God, and not allowing Satan to get a foot hold by reminding him that we have the mind of Christ. Please tell me how you put on the armour of God – is it just that you pray and consciously think it through, asking for Him to arm you, or is there more to it than that? I only ask because sometimes I don’t know whether it’s consciously asking God to help us put the armour on or doing something else too.

    • sryall

      I say something like this:
      Satan, I’m putting on the full armour of God… You have no right being anywhere around me! I’m putting on the belt of truth… I’m carrying the tools I need, the truth about who I am in Christ… I’m putting on my breast place of righteousness… It shields my heart which has been made white as snow…
      I’m putting on my shoes so my feet are fitted with the gospel of grace (peace) that comes from the Good News so that i will be fully prepared… It will help me travel more God needs me to travel… I’m arming myself with the shield of faith and that one block all those darts, fiery darts, all the negative things that you aim towards me… and And Satan, I’m putting on the helmet of salvation… All those negative thoughts are going to bounce right off! I have the mind of Christ and I will take captive EVERY thought that is set against me… (Ref 2 Cor 10:3-5)… So Satan… Simply Satan, you are banished from me!

      I hope that helps…
      As you do your devotions, keep a running list of all the things God speaks to your heart on and when times are tough refer back to your list and remind yourself of how much God cares and loves you…

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