Smiling Three Ways

I have never looked so forward to see what God will be doing in my life as I have this year… 20/20 vision of God’s grace and blessings…

Back on August 17, 2019 I was prayed for and healed from 22 years of benign positional vertigo following an accident back in May 1997… I was instantly healed and it was prophesied at that time that the healing would continue – AND IT HAS!!!

In June 2019 I started a med change – the meds I were on were becoming toxic in my system and making my physically ill… within days I noticed a huge difference but I still had meds I was coming off – and going on… the fun of med changes… but my body rejected some of the meds… and one med I tried for several months to get use to but ultimately ended up coming off as well… I also restarted a med I have been previously taken off of and it too really helped – especially with my thinking clarity… I had previously volunteered for helping with the media program at church (I have been a computer geek since I was 14)… but I didn’t have the ability to keep up and I was basically “fired”… Post med changes and I am now back doing the media at church and having NO issues!!!

I have been enrolled in a mental health class – DBT specifically – and the facilitators are excellent!!! With better clarity I am now able to not only comprehend what it being taught but I am also able to implement changes into my life – this is SOOO in God’s timing… a year ago this wouldn’t have happened… and one week as I’m sitting in class – I realized that I was just as functional as all the other class members who are working… and that gave me some hope… as the toxic meds have been released… as I restarted my one med (Concerta for ADHD) – combine this what all that God has been teaching me about spiritual mental health… how to actually and pro-actively combat all the dark thoughts that used to dominate my thinking… how to use God’s truth (Scripture) to not only refute the lies of Satan but also how to set up buffers against them even starting… (this can be another post sometimes more specifically)…

And I find that I have been able to re-comprehend the vital information I need to perform my job… and last Friday I received clearance to return to work – after SIX YEARS off!!

I have been studying to refresh my knowledge and I have been amazed at how easily I have been able to recall (remember I have a brain injury)!!! All I can really say is PRAISE GOD!! The old Doxology Hymn comes to mind:

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

What I can tell you is – at Church last Sunday someone came up to me and told me how they have noticed my countenance has changed for the better… and what else have I noticed?

I am smiling all ways possible… physically, mentally and spiritually…

What a lovely start to 2020… I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for the rest of the year!!!

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