Monthly Archives: September, 2019

For the Love of a Dog

We, like many others, have a very lovable dog… she has been a great companion as I deal with mental health issues… And, yesterday, she needed surgery on her leg… last night she was in so much pain that we took her back to the vet and she stayed overnight… (she’s home and doing much …

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When 3 Becomes 5

With my last blog posting I mentioned my miracle and how I suddenly have no vertigo and balance is really not an issue anymore, except that my muscles have to get used to not being an issue 🙂 The lady that prayed for me told me to expect continued healing and that has been the …

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Vertigo You Gotta Go!

May 2, 1997 was a night that changed my life and the lives of my family… I was in an accident which resulted in a fractured skull, a brain injury and VERTIGO… If you’ve never had vertigo feel blessed! For those that have you know it is a nasty thing to deal with… It drastically …

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