One two three WOW!

It’s been a couple of interesting weeks…

2. Twenty two years ago I was in an accident and not only fractured my skull but also damaged my inner ear… Looking up and left would trigger 99% of the time…

1. I’m dealing with a med change… For the better actually! I haven’t had this much energy in at least 10 years!

2. I have dealt with vertigo for over 20 years after an accident damaged my inner ear… I could pretty much guarantee but every time I looked up and left – I would trigger it and end up dizzy…

I was healed… I can’t trigger any vertigo! And now my left ear hears better than my right ear!!People around me were talking in little groups… I went up to a few and listened with both ears to test the truth… I’ve always sat to the left of people to have a better chance… No longer an issue!!!

While at a church event I ended up really REALLY staggering while outside and around a bon fire… Two ladies prayed and one clasped her hands over both ears… About 2 seconds in I suddenly hear way different with my damaged left ear…

A new church campus is opening up in a few months and my desire to get involved was way bigger than my body would allow… Now with my vertigo gone… With the med change giving me energy, to get involved, God has fulfilled some of my heart’s desires!

I’m guessing some people might think I’m just “one of those” type of Christians… BUT we all know God can heal… So why is it hard to when one does?!?!?

3. We have a must do project to do on our house, but we don’t want to go into debt to get it done dot-dot-dot I made a phone call that I had been meaning to do… God literally put the papers I needed in my hand while clearing up some wayward papers… I made the phone call and 100% unexpected it turns out that we will now have the money we require! God is good… All the time! All the time, God is good!!!!!

(read this about 5 minutes after posting)

Releasing Impossibilities

by Charles R. Swindoll

Read Matthew 6:25-34

When you face an impossibility, leave it in the hands of the Specialist! Refuse to calculate. Refuse to doubt. Refuse to work it out by yourself. Refuse to worry or encourage others to worry. Stand against that.

Instead, say, “Lord, I’m carrying around something I cannot handle. Because You are not only able but also willing, take this off my hands. It’s impossible to me, but is as nothing with You.” Persevering through the pressures of impossibilities calls for that kind of confidence.

Now, our problem is that we hold on to our problems. If your Swiss watch stops working, you don’t sit down at home with a screwdriver and start working on it yourself. You take it to a specialist.

The problem is that the Lord gets all the leftovers after we try to fix things ourselves. We make all the mistakes and get things tied into granny knots, then dump it in His lap and say, “Here, Lord.”

No! Right at first, say, “It’s impossible; I can’t handle it, Lord. Before I foul it up, it’s Yours.” He is able to handle it. But we don’t usually give God those chances to “fix” it. We are so totally (and sinfully) confident in ourselves that we don’t give God the chance to do what He is a real Specialist at doing.

If something is humanly impossible, then what in the world are we doing trying to pull it off?

Excerpted from Day by Day with Charles Swindoll, Copyright © 2000 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. (Thomas Nelson Publishers). All rights reserved worldwide. Used by permission.

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