Love verses Depression

The words love and depression seem to be polar opposites…

(Cue cheesy announcer and a bell clanging) In this corner we have Depression wearing words of self-loathing, fear, negative thoughts, remnants of abuse, addiction and feelings of despair…

And in this corner we have Love wearing sins of the world, salvation, peace, acceptance, oil of joy, forgiveness, everlasting, unchanging and hope…

God is in our corner and He desires we be filled with love… Paul tells Timothy the recipe… And remember God is love

1 Tim 1:5 (NLT): The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith.

A pure heart… While physically words are spoken the meaning behind them come from our heart… Our hearts store a lot… A throne where either we sit or God/Holy Spirit sits… Our feelings, deepest feelings reside in our heart… Feelings we have collected during our life time… The memories are recorded in our brains but the emotions for them are felt in our hearts… We need God sitting on the throne and His cleansing power over sin to have a pure heart…

A clear conscious… The head game… With mental health issues it can be like a buffet of items… Thinking of all the bad things, the past sins… An account of things “I am hiding” from God (yeah right)… A record of wrongs… But God keeps NO record of wrongs

Genuine faith… A faith that is noticeable to others… Not just in quoting scripture or going to church, tithing… But based on a real relationship with God… Regardless of what life might be or has throwing in your face… That is a genuine faith… It’s a catch-22 you need to trust God and have faith… And then our faith grows then we can apply this growing faith in God that no matter what situation you find yourself… Depression, anxiety, love, contentment… Your faith grows…

You see, when you truly have a pure heart, a clear conscience and genuine faith…

My take is… Keep a list of items that are preventing you from the pure heart &/or clean conscious or genuine faith… If you are have a hard time sorting through all of this… Find a friend who you can call upon..

OR BETTER YET… Find the closest Celebrate Recovery

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