I am so NOT a morning person… I tell friends and family that anything I say, utter or promise before 11 am I cannot be held accountable for…


My days are always better when I include God as I start my day… even if it is a hop out of bed and hustle my kestier to where ever I need to get to (read: I am NOT a morning person and the snooze option can be over used) Regardless – I try to always, and can make time to stop and spend a couple of minutes with God – especially if I am racing the clock – take 30 seconds – slow down – and breathe…. relax my shoulders… and be still and know that God is God… that He is in control… I can recited the pieces of the armor of God – I may not spend time looking at each piece but I can rattle them off… it’s better than nothing! And while I’m already spending a bit of quality time – I can set up my safety space and renounce Satan from having anything to do with me…

1 Cor 1:13 For You have rescued me from the DOMINION of DARKNESS and brought me into the kingdom of Your Son whom You love, and in whom I have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

And just to make sure that Satan gets the idea…

1 Thes 5:5 (NLT): For you are all children of the light and of the day; we don’t belong to darkness and nigh

So ASAP with my ASAP and your day likely will be better…

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