See and Swallow

(Sarcastically) I would love to get infront of misinformed believers who make the (wrong) assumption that taking medication for mental health equals a lack of faith or a weakness of character (I’m not going to quote 2 Cor 12:9)…

And if I could I would ask them if they believed in God’s ability to heal!

Then I utter I powerful sounding, but sincere prayer, asking for healing for everyone’s heads from top to bottom and side to side!

I would then ask who has the faith to believe that people had been granted healing!

Then I would ask all those who believed to remain standing as a show of faith!

Lastly, I would challenge all those wearing glasses or contacts to remove them and leave them behind when they drove home!

Reality though… Until I became the one in 4/5 I was pretty ignorant…

My SEE challenge is to both sides… Those who see from the swallow side gently trying to have God open there eyes…

And to those who are realizing the need to see from God’s view… that we who swallow need to as much as anyone who needs corrective glasses…

Because I follow my doctor’s directions I AM able to contribute and serve God…

Open dialogue will allow everyone to be able to see through God’s eyes…

The Mighty wrote a good Pill Shaming Article


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