The World is FLAT!?!?

I’ve blogged about Job before… It’s an interesting read BUT if not read with understanding can really throw a monkey’s wrench in!

Basically, the Devil wants to argue with God that his “special” Job will curse God if all he holds dear is taken away… first his children and his wealth… and then his health…

Then 3 of his “friends” come and “discuss” with Job and accuse him of unrepentant sin – as the reason why and try to validate their points… Job 15:18 is one of these:

Job 15:18 (NLT): And it is confirmed by the reports of wise men
who have heard the same thing from their fathers—

Just because someone who “should” be wise says something doesn’t make it TRUE!! Truth needs to come from the word of God – not the “wisdom” of man…

Statements like Job’s friend make can really derail a person’s beliefs and mess with an already confusing and deplorable situation… remember – it was confirmed by men that THE EARTH WAS FLAT for how many centuries – they use to bleed people, literally cut, and let some blood drain out) as a hopeful cure to whatever ailed them…

Just because it has been said doesn’t make it 100% right!!!

Being part of God’s family isn’t a “get of out hardship” ticket… there are no easy ways of life and only 3 certain things that will always remain –

1 Cor 13:13 (NIV) And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love…

Of course, we have the one absolute! God loves us – and His son died for us…

So if people are trying to convince you that you had your mental health “coming” or you deserved it – don’t believe it – any more than you would believe the world is flat… Seek answers in God’s word… I know that many times I have found what I have needed in my daily Bible reading… or in Psalm or Proverb… even sometimes in just a few verses from my devotions… God knows where my head and heart are at… He only wants to provide GOOD for me…

I have started a collection of verses that have caught my eye each day – and sometimes going back and looking them over is such a blessing… it can really lift my soul…

I also have a rejoice of the day… anything from a sunny day, snuggles with my dog, watching a movie with hubby, thanking God for dealing with a situation…

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