Infallible bodies

What Christians need to realize about any illness, especially about mental health issues, is that our bodies are not infallible but rather they need to be managed, with God’s help. We all have illnesses that are hidden. Going all the way back to Adam and Eve, our DNA started to break down.

Some women have found they carry the gene for breast cancer and they make the radical decision to undergo mastectomy as a way to avoid it, and we applaud it!

The opposite is true of women or men, who battle mental health issues and who are able to stabilize themselves and get back to ‘normal” living… They are often shunned… They are “that’ person… The skeleton in the closet… The one who brings shame to the otherwise perfectly acceptable family…

People with “accepted” medical issues can go to church and people will console them and pray for healing but not judge them or look down on them.

People with mental health issues put on a mask and show up at church declaring everything is just great but they know that inside everything is crumbling and so out of control.

There are signs that friends can recognize.

  • They isolate themselves.
  • They stop talking on the phone to you or sending text messages.
  • They no longer appear on Facebook or social media
  • They no longer attend events or start to skip out of church for no good reason.
  • They give excuses on why they no longer go for coffee.
  • They appear maybe a little bit disheveled dressed a but different
  • Makeup or hair without the same personal touch

These are the people Jesus would be seeking out in church… The ones who slip through the cracks…

I love the way my church is addressing people who might otherwise falling through the cracks. They have a way for everyone to get connected whether it be through small groups, service in some form, are even just being greeted through our one minute meet and greet someone new time in our Sunday service…

But we all need to make sure that those we are connected to are safe… We will all have times in our lives where we will need more than we can give… Our past will be different but yet similar… We all understand pain, hurt… We all will struggle with something or somethings…

As the body of Christ we need to be vigilant in making sure every person is okay… People may wander off by their choice but others by which they have little or no control of…

All sorts of people deal and suffer with mental health issues… Chonda Priece, biggest most successful woman comedian, openly talks about her mental health issues… A Christian comedian… Many athletes or actors have come forward…

We can look back in Biblical days… Elijah & David both suffered with depression…

Even Jesus had a really rough night before he was killed… He was in such anguish that he had sweat and blood running down his face…

Luke 22:44 And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.

When I was dealing with my oppressive anxiety episodes I was in anguish… Not to the level Jesus was… But it’s a comfort to know they be truly understands…

You may not understand on a personal level, but you can sit beside them… Sometimes that’s all that is needed… Just you being there…

© 2018

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