Moses Replied

If you have never heard that story of the life of Moses, your in for a treat…

Moses was supposed to be killed at birth…

Raised instead as Pharaoh’s daughter. (Pharaoh was the one who said kill) [full story in Exodus]

Came across a bad scene and kills someone.

Flees away.

Years go by and God decides Moses will rescue all the Hebrews (slaves) [see Exodus]

God’s way of telling was… Setting a bush on fire but the bush never burns up…

God volumtells Moses what he will do…

Okay…. This is why I’m posting this blog…

Moses is a sheep herder murder with really, really bad insecurities… I may not have physically killed anyone, but in my mind way b… Just kidding 🙂

He argues with God (remember burning bush still happening) and says… But I can’t talk well enough to be able to go to the (new) king of Egypt the Pharaoh.

My point is, when God speaks to you you may not feel ready – WHICH IS JUST AS IT SHOULD BE!!!!!

God will stretch you… Adding to your faith… Remember going to school in grade 12 you weren’t finger painting everyday as in Kindergarten [doodling during Chemistry doesn’t count]… School kept challenging you…

So why would you think God won’t?

It’s God’s glory, not mine that’s on the table here! We just get to sit in the “shotgun” seat and hang on… Kick back and get ready to smile!

It’s like when you have been trying to get someone to understand something for a while and they finally start to put 2 pieces together and add more and more faster… And you look at them as you nod your head and your smile gets bigger until they really get it.

That’s the smile riding shotgun with God you experience!

Having reading the whole story of Moses and his insecurities actually gives me hope… That Moses isn’t like Charlton Heston appears to be…

His belief is that he needs help… God sends his big brother, Aaron, to talk for… But not for ever…

And his trouble speaking, I can relate to…

Somewhere between the brain injury and my mental health I can struggle with both physically, mechanically say words… I also get to play 20 questions as word recall can be interesting [Umm baby… Ahhh… meal food….uummm.. table… ahhh…Chair…. friend: Highchair! Bing Bing Bing](maybe I should carry prizes for the one who gets it right!!)

Back to the story And by the time of the frogs? Moses has found his voice… [Exodus]

For me, my testimony of how God has restored me and stretched me…

That I’m able to speak perfectly…

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