Eye of the Storm

Mental health shows it’s ugly head many ways:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Feeling unlovable
  • Unredeemable
  • ________________

And often it sneaks in…@

Depression is ALL about lies… Hearing only the negative… Being bombarded by so many negative thoughts that any positive can get lost… This is why God has told us we need the helmet of salvation! And in 2 Corinthians 10:3 The Apostle Paul talks and taking EVERY thought captive to Christ…

It’s so easy to say capture and often the reality is the thought storm of mental health its like a cyclone spinning around, which is also picking up memory pieces of my life and opening old wounds afresh…

In the center of the cyclone though, there is the eye of the storm…here are only light winds and clear skies… I believe that is where I made my choice to return to God … In the midst of any situation God always provides a way out… It often, or most of the time, isn’t easy… And the time for us being in the eye isn’t long…

Life doesn’t stop… We have to go through the cyclone with God’s help… I know I can’t get through the chaos on my own… I just need to keep my eye on Him…

A word of caution… and the longer we wait the bigger the cyclone builds…

The pathway to suicide can seem to be a welcomed choice… It’s seems easy… It can be found in the eye when we are only looking down… Whereas looking up and see God reaching to guide us… His rod and staff comfort us (Psalms 23)… They don’t beat us… We can grab on and follow His tender guidance using them…

The pathway with God is harder but the rewards are eternal… And not just in heaven but also here on earth… Peace unexplainable, love beyond imagination, hope knowing God is right beside you as life is lived…

I haven’t had a major cyclone in over 2 years… I still get mini-cyclones…. I know to reach up… Reach up with my mind, my heart and my soul with all my strength… Even if my strength is opening one eyelid somedays…

For me, at least, my go to is simply repeating over and over again rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice…

Often it takes me a while to realize I’m dealing with a cyclone… But I know how to deal with them…

(Rejoice in the Lord….)


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  1. Wonderful reminder that we are not alone in the eye of the storm. Even there, we are the apple of another eye that seeks not to destroy us, but rescue us.

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