Sense-orship or censorship

A friend posted a link discussing: Five ways to protect free speech on campuses, and elsewhere

I agree with it… So here are my ramblings on the subject…

If you can’t even utter a word because of the risk of being censored, how can any open dialogue take place? 

If I cannot speak about my stance on an issue…  BECAUSE people THINK I MIGHT offend someone… Where is the proof?

Canada has been a country of diversity since before 1867… Yes, there was racism… And we need to use that and learn from it… 

But I do not recall ethnicities trying to wipe each other out of Canada… No civil war…

Oh yes, the politics was there, but that’s not what I’m referring to… (Nor the undescribable treatment of those with First Nation heritage)

In Saskatchewan a town called Weldon had a mostly Norwegian heritage… My mother was born there. In Red Deer Hill my father was born with an English heritage. Somewhere between there was a bigger town called Prince Albert… They didn’t go to war… They helped each other as our country was being established…

Now, we have different life styles… If your life style is different from mine – that doesn’t mean that one is WRONG! If there is infringement then both sides should talk. Agree to disagree… Dialogue! 

Looking at WWII the world saw horrific treatment of one ethnicity... If we refuse to discuss and dialogue then how will the generations to come understand so that it will not be repeated! (And don’t be willing to say it won’t – there have been studies to prove it will)

Yes, I am a white Christian. I have people of varied races as family and friends. I have friends with different life styles. I do not “condemn them to hell”. I love them just like every other member of my family…

I may not agree with the car they drive or where they go for their vacation!

I may not agree with their choices but I respect them and love them.

The pendulum has gone too far the other way…  It’s taboo to talk about something or subjects or you will be labeled…

I will respect people with other choices in their life style, their religion, their jobs, their place they live and I will respect what they say provided it is done in a meaningful and open dialogue where everyone has equality.

I also expect that everyone to treat each other with human decency… Mental Health, Downes Syndrome, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Race… We all bleed red, we all put our pants one leg at a time…

Just respect each other…

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would expect others to do to you

The stuff you learned in kindergarten

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