Abe Women and Faith

I’m so glad that the church I attend will adjust the timeline of the service as God directs the leaders…

During our worship, this past Sunday, we spontaneously sung Hallelujah… Just that heavenly song of one word… Some with accompanied and some without… when it was just the voices the presence of God was undescribable… A small inkling of what heaven will be…

Times like these are so important, at least to me, as they are memories of God being real… Let’s face it… From time to time, Satan has thrown that dart of doubt as God isn’t something we can physically touch… so we briefly wonder if there is a God…

Belief is faith… Faith isn’t something to touch.. It’s not tangible… Kinda like men trying to totally understanding women… It’s a mystery that won’t revealed until Heaven

We already have faith… In the chair you sat in today… How about when you’re stuck going up hill behind an 18 wheeler who sticks his arm out saying it’s safe to pass… And yet when it comes to the promises of God we doubt Him…

    Add in the Mental Health aspect… Depression, Anxiety…

    I’m guessing you can see where this is going…

    Romans 4 talks about the faith Abraham regarding the promise of nations. We see him have incredible faith and the willingness to sacrifice Isaac his only son (Gen 22)


    ABE BLEW IT… big time BEFORE be was at that level of faith with God… 

    Abe actually lied because of his lack of faith when still traveling to where God was guiding him to… Said his wife was his sister instead of his wife… (Gen 20)

    Abe and Sarah didn’t totally buy in about Sarah birthing a son… He had another son  through the maid of Sarah before Issac… (Gen 16)

    (Just a note… God doesn’t have a drive through window… He keeps His promises but on His time schedule)

    The important lesson is that God knows we won’t be unshakeable in our faith every day… But we also need to be actively increasing our faith…


    Locking in heavenly memories are some of the good thoughts, the “things” Phil 4:8 type of thoughts (true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy)

    Take time to make a positive thoughts list… Maybe at night reflecting on the day? 
    2 Cor 10:3-6 take every thought captive to Christ…


    • Does it honor Christ as Lord?
    • Does it increase my fight against sin?
    • Does it increase my love and praise for my Savior?
    • Does it strengthen my faith?

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