Love Fulfills

Love Fulfills God’s Requirements

In kindergarten we really do learn all the skills we need to interact with all the other humans… Play nice, share…

Romans 13:8-10 The Apostle Paul’s version: 

Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law. For the commandments say…     …are summed up in this one commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no wrong to others, so love fulfills the requirements of God’s law. 

Mental Health and love can sometimes be hard like driving in a blizzard… You don’t know where the lines of the road are… (Umm where am I… What’s happening? I’ve lost myself!)

You don’t want to cross them into on coming traffic… (anybody out there that can help me? I don’t know where I am!)

and at the same time you don’t know where the edge of the road is… You don’t want to drive off a cliff… (I’m really scared and confused! Which way do I step next?)

But staying still might mean someone from behind might hit you! (I just want to curl-up here… I’ll just close my eyes and act as if I don’t hear anything…)

About 30 years ago I was driving in a similar situation… I was praying… And God sent help… An 18 wheeler with big strong shiny lights! My angel! I followed that truck while rejoicing!

Both those with mental health issues and those who don’t need to really need to heed Paul’s words: Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another

When is that last time you were blessed or you blessed someone? Not looked down on them… Not given the look of pity (superiority)?

How about actually talked with them… Fellowshipped… Brought them a cup of coffee before or at the end of Sunday’s service? Asked to meet them for tea or coffee?

Usually it’s about a 2 week stay for med changes… And closer to the end we are encouraged to get out and socialize… To me that’s going to church…

It’s really hard… Med changes are about as far away from fun as you can get… And after that it can take months to get to therapeutic levels… 

Add in stigma… Are you getting the picture? We are not China dolls… but we are not made like Superman either…

I can guarantee you that NO ONE will come skipping into church as if nothing is wrong… Most, if not all of us, want to isolate!

What we need are your prayers… Gentle and authentic hugs and smiles… If you really know me… You will instinctively know something isn’t quite right… Make note and send some encouraging text messages throughout the next week…

Just do as Paul instructed: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no wrong to others, so love fulfills the requirements of God’s law. 

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