Where Does Your Smile Start?

I had a A-HA moment doing my devotion today… I’ve wrote about choosing to rejoice even when I really don’t want to…

I’ve had times when I said it but I’m really frustrated and I bring it out externally… I’ve banged my steering wheel and I said out loud “Well, rejoice in the Lord anyways!!!” That’s usually how I do it… Out loud and proud!

This week though I’ve been challenged in life and I found the the external loud rejoice just doesn’t fit…

The A-HA God gave me were 2 different scenarios…

The external is when you are traveling along in life’s path with God and suddenly you find an obstacle in front of … You have options… In life there is no redo so retreat is not an option…

  1. sit and do nothing as you feel this isn’t fair or you can’t figure out how to solve it
  2. Go left or right as you think you have a solution
  3. Break down the barrier with God’s help

I know I’ve used #1 (pity party) #2 (pride) many times before

#3 (Humility) God hand me the ax and point to where I need to hit!

But there is a completely different rejoicing… And this is what God placed on my heart…

I’m in a peaceful forest and I have a lit match… I find some dried up moss and I use it to start a fire… I see some smoke and promising glow so I gently blow to encourage it to flame… There is a flicker of flame so I continue to blow and add more moss… It grows and I add twigs being careful not to smother it… As it continues to grow I add larger pieces of wood…

It’s this rejoicing I’ve been using for the last few days… More of be still and know that I am God…

The out loud brings a smile to my face and inwardly, a smile first to my soul then my heart and mind…

The quiet brings a smile to my soul and spreads to heart and mind and face…

David dancing with all his might – outward rejoicing

Mary (mother of Jesus) pondering things in her heart – internal rejoicing

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