Zacchaeus and Hi

Mental Health for many, like me, will be a life long struggle… A lot of it will be a physiological (physical) issue as my brain isn’t wired as I would like it to be…

Let’s look at 3 medical issues and what is the typical response:

Cancer, Disease, Comfort

Diabetes, Insulin, Support

Depression, Issues, Unsure/Confusion/Fear/Unknown

I share my story as a Christian dealing with mental health issues/disease mostly because it is an area many churches and Christians don’t understand… It’s big and ugly, scary… unknown… And the big S word


I looked like any woman in church on any Sunday… I looked like any women at work… I eluded to being a successful woman… But inside I wasn’t… I know that many people sit in church Sunday to Sunday…

I was completely ignorant 4 years ago… It’s a taboo subject…

It’s not important HOW someone got there, it’s important to support and learn about it… It is scary… But everyone can be educated…

The church is supposed to be a place for comfort, healing, support… Is it?

It’s like Zacchaeus would be in the tree… Not sure how to join the crowd, desperately trying to… And Jesus notices him…

Sometimes it simply starts with a simple “hi”

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