Job’s Story and My Integrity

There once was a man named Job who lived in the land of Uz. He was blameless—a man of complete integrity.

Satan had been going to and forth over the earth (and he still does this today). God and he talk and Job comes up in the conversation….

So God says I give you permission to change his situation and see if Job will curse me… and Job lost everything and so close together would have thought text messages had already been invented…

He lost 1 thing and only 1 servant escaped to tell Job and to make matters worse – before #1 had finished speaking a 2nd servant came to tell him about another loss but before he could finish speaking and a 3rd servant came to report another loss and before this servant finished speaking #4 came in with the final but most horrific news that all of his son’s and daughter’s had been killed.

Job’s response? He went into morning – shaving his head and beard, tore his close and then… then… Job fell to the ground and WORSHIPED – some may already know those well-quoted words:

Naked I came into this world – naked I will depart.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away – BLESSED be the name of the Lord…

Satan didn’t break Job… He didn’t curse… He worshipped…

Then God proudly (as any parent would do) shows Job off… That Job is the best man on earth, blameless, high integrity…

Satan basically does a double dog dare you with God… God allows satan to take away Job’s health hoping to see that Job would finally curse God…

He is covered from head to toes with boils…

He found himself alone – His wife starts to nag him to curse God and give up and confess already!

Job’s friends come to support him and when they see how horrible Job’s body is… They morn just like Job had earlier… And they all stay silent for 7 days…

His friend’s, who came to support him, don’t understand him – surely God is punishing Job – they tell him to ask forgiveness and be done with it… most of the rest of Job is banter back and forth between Job and his “friends”.

The end of chapter 26 and into 27 Job speaks some words of truth at his friends… Job 27

Job 27 2:6 is what really caught and quickened my heart today…

2 “As surely as God lives, who has denied me justice,
the Almighty, who has made my life bitter,
3 as long as I have life within me,
the breath of God in my nostrils,
4 my lips will not say anything wicked,
and my tongue will not utter lies.
5 I will never admit you (Job’s friends) are in the right; till I die, I will not deny my integrity.
6 I will maintain my innocence and never let go of it;
my conscience will not reproach me as long as I live.”

God knew Job but more importantly, Job knew God. Job intrinsically knew God and the law of God… How to live in and stay in peace with God.

[Job grieved… He lost a lot… I can maybe empathize a bit… I have been dealing with a lot of loss with my mental health… A job I can no longer do which I really loved… Financial loss… my relationships with my family has changed, especially with my husband (he’s such a saint)… Loss of some friends… A very, very different daily, weekly, etc schedule… A changed way to live… ]

Now I have 3 trains of thoughts..

1. Staying true with friends. If Job were my friend how would my support be? I’d like to think I would stick with them through thick and thin, but would I question and wonder about their integrity?

I’m pretty sure that the answer would be no I would not… According to: Matt 5:45

For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.

There are areas in our lives that are totally out of our control. That doesn’t mean someone has lost their integrity! And I’d like to think I’m a support person…

2. How long would my integrity last? Actually, do I start with integrity? I’m not perfect in anybody’s imagination! I blow it. I make mistakes… And I have to suffer with the consequences of my previous choices.

However, sometimes I’m dealing with something that’s the results of the actions of others or just fate. When it’s because of the later, how would I handle it?

There are times though that no one else supports or is ready to back you on something… And just like Job you don’t waiver…

With mental health it’s so SO easy to doubt myself… To wonder if what I’m seeing or interpreting is truth or not… Second guessing, okay 100th time guessing…

My likely first reaction would be blaming myself as I’m must have done something wrong. Everything is always my fault… And I want to isolate…

Oh and let’s not forget anxiety… Yup, anxiety from all sides… kick in my BPD and a real fun mental health is going full tilt… My thoughts can be twisting around like Taz does in a Bugs Bunny cartoon…

I’ve been dealing with my mental health issues for coming up on 4 years. I like to think (okay let’s be kinder to myself) I know looking back I’ve changed, both for the negative but mostly positive.

Knowing that as I work and walk with God, as I get to understand how life should and can be lived, my identity in Christ will not be in question… Mostly to myself.

3. I’ve been on a rejoice journey lately with God… As in rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice…

It doesn’t matter what situation I’m in or at… God’s pretty clear…Phil 4:4 Rejoice to the Lord always and again I say rejoice!

So, Job was a very excellent role model…

Oh, in the end, God doubles what Job had lost…

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