Where Was God?

When I was a child, the church I attended ran a program called Pioneer Girls, the Christian version of Girl Scouts. One of the leaders was my favorite. From her and other leaders I learnt a lot of the foundations​ of my beliefs in God. 

Her family and ours were friends often sharing meals or celebrating New Year’s Eve, well you get the story… Our family really knew theirs.

Twenty five years ago a 4 year old boy was abducted from a park. This women was a close friend of the family and she was devastated. Her faith was put to the test. She asked where was God?!?! How could He let this happen?!?!

She expected her faith in God to be an umbrella where nothing would hurt her.

Do bad things happen to Christians? The Bible says the rains falls on the good and the bad… There are Psalms and Proverbs that ask why it seems like the wicked are prospering… 

So where was God? How could a God who has said He is Love allow such horrible and traumatic events? 

God was there… He really was… 

But so was sin… There are 2 types of wills at work here. There is God’s will AND there is God’s permissive will… The later is where we do what we want…

Good choices… Someone decides to take a taxi home from the bar. Someone chooses to assist an elderly person cross the road. Someone takes time to bless a person who is having a hard time financially. Someone takes the time to babysit for a young couple giving them a much needed time together.

Bad choices… Someone decided to drink and drive. Someone else exploits others. Someone chooses to rob a bank and someone else decides to abduct a 4 year old boy.

God never abandons… Hard times are a result of us or others or a combination of events all smucked together under the title of permissive will… 

There are no do-overs in life… We can’t go back and change how events lined up to what they now are… 

The good news is, God sent His Son and He became our do-now… There still are consequences and battle scars… But Jesus helps us to continue moving forward… And bonus… He’ll take our scars and use them so that others can either learn from our experiences or see that there is still hope as they see we have survived and that they can to..

It’s not easy either… We have a sign in our house that reads faith makes things possible not easy… 

Everyday I battle my mental health issues… Some days are easier than others… Some days really suck… yah the not easy days…

Sorry – no umbrella policy… Instead we have God walking beside us and possibly travel with friends for support…


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