Omission & Stigma

Omission… not saying something when you know you should have… It comes at the moment you realize you need to stand up and respond, even when if weren’t asked, and decide not to. Keeping silent is just as wrong as a person who committed or said or doing something wrong… 

This is called an omission of sin

I’ve seen an peer pressure exercise where one person is sent out of the room for some reason and while they are absent the leader tells the rest that they are going to play a gag and answer a few questions absolutely wrong and act normal… And see if the person will answer correctly​ or not…

We have an examples of omission sin do to a set classes in society in the New Testament… The high and mighty figure the Samaritan is beneath the and physicaly keep their distance…

Those people are guilty if omission… They knew what to do and chose not to….

In regards to Mental Health there are omissions… and this builds up the wall of stigma..


  • The person who has the Mental Health is ignoring their condition
  • Hiding because of fear of rejection with family and peers.
  • Family/friends choosing to ignore or ostracize the person
  • Family/friends feel awkward so stay silent or just disappear


Family and friends have access to Google. Their is so much information, some bad so check your sources.

Sometime all the person needs is a text message of “I’m praying for you”. Maybe they just need to know they are not alone. 

Don’t take it personal if your offer to go visit was declined. There are days I don’t want anyone to see me – it can be I’m not ready as I can feel overwhelmed. It could be that I will feel embarrassed of the state I’m in…

But prayer and text messages are always welcome…

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