Depression & God’s Unexplainable Peace

It seems like a lack of faith when I or someone else are battling in the trenches of mental illness. How can there be God’s peace when thoughts are coming fast and dark. When it takes a massive amount of energy to do simple tasks like washing a few dishes or even showering. 

By comparison people can believe that someone with cancer or a broken arm can have the unexplainable peace promised in Phil 4:4-8. 

Pain and peace. Physical deficiencies… My brain isn’t physicaly correctly. I need medication as much as someone with diabetes needs insulin. 


But can I have peace? YES. In the midst of this I KNOW that there is a loving God. He is here beside me every second as I deal with times when I am struggling. I have PEACE. I need it to get through this time of struggle. 

When the suicidal thoughts come I ask God to help me… I use the truth… I use God’s words to fight those thoughts… I have a firm foundation.

I have Jesus as my rock and upon which I’ve chosen to build my house. That foundation is there… That is the peace… It doesn’t mean that there won’t be storms… There will be battles I will have to fight… Sometimes it will be just a breeze and a bit of rain and other times it will be a hurricane… But always there will be Jesus my rock… 

So keep in mind that if you or someone you know is battling mental illness remember that Jesus is the Rock…

And pray for them… You can never pray too much…

One thought on “Depression & God’s Unexplainable Peace

  1. I have been so touched by finding your blog. I have a long history of mental health treatment. I too believe in Jesus and that mental illness is real not a fault with my faith. May God continue to bless you.

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