Buster Keaton & Brother Lawrence

Sometimes it seems like nothing goes wrong and I have a perfect day… key work SOMETIMES – usually scant and far a few (where did that saying from come – far a few?)

I’m usually good at seeing the bigger things in life – the trees in the forest – and mostly it is the things on the pathway that I trip on… usually… sometimes all the little ones seemingly play poker and I get hit with a royal flush… the days where every time I turn around there seems to be something… individually they are nothing – but when they come together they later watch the collective review and I’m sure they must be looking at the comedy they scripted for my day… and yes, it looks like a  Buster Keaton film (black and white silent film star worth seeing).

Someday later I will look back and get out a bowl of popcorn and tell the story of one day when…. to my grandchildren and in true grandparent fashion and there will be embellishments.

But on the day it is happening??  My friends who know me in person know that I am a kluts … seriously… I have an inner ear problem as a permanent leftover of my brain injury coming up on 20 years ago… and I am working hard to change this… today it seemed like everywhere I turned I was getting to know door frames or wall corners or slipping or tripping on well – dust! AND it just wasn’t my legs/feet that ganged up on me… my arms and hands joined the collective as well… I tried to put something somewhere… and missed… or  it slipped… or (thanks to my wonderful memory) would bring something into another room for a specific reason – get distracted about 3 seconds later (can we say ADHD) and then either forget why I came into that room – or seriously can’t remember what I brought – or where I left it about 10 seconds later…. (no joke)…. if you were to put microphones in my house you would hear a lot of “seriously Shauna” or “OK God – I know it’s here somewhere – please help me find it” said repeatedly.

By the time I’m now getting ready for bed and reflecting on my day… I’m de-stressing…
I didn’t really keep track of it until just a bit ago… kinda like the frog in water (I’ve heard not done)… put a frog in beaker of cold water and the frog is content – then put a bunson burner (the ones from high school chemistry) under the frog but at a low rate… the frog is still content and awhile later suddenly the frog croaks [pug totally on purpose]… so why? Well the frog was content – and the water was slowly rising – and the frog never noticed and suddenly the frog died because the water temperate was no longer compatible to it’s life.

One day of this can happen and for me – I don’t like the days when I don’t keep myself in tune with God – listening to the Holy Spirit – I’ve somehow tuned Him off…

Brother Lawrence expressed the highest moral wisdom when he testified that if he stumbled and fell he turned at once to God and said, “O Lord, this is what You may expect of me if You leave me to myself.” He then accepted forgiveness, thanked God and gave himself no further concern about the matter*

*Tozer, A. W., & Foster, M. E. (2007). Tozer on the Holy Spirit: A 366-day devotional. Camp Hill, PA: WingSpread

Here’s looking at a better day tomorrow…. I’m going to be more like Brother Lawerence I think I need to memorise his words – for it’s not just for the physical but also for the spiritual….

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