Downsizing or Upsizing

Dear hubby is nearing his retirement day… simply put… he’s finally found his body just can’t perform like it did 10years.

His ambition’s and dreams are those of a youthful 20 year old. He has the skill and knowledge of a 40 year old, but the body of an 80 year old. 

One of his gifts is service. Ask him to build something and it will be built correctly, as expected  (maybe a little better than expected) and it will last for a very very long time.

I have digressed. We’ve sold our house and for now we live in a cute 2 bedroom place at Zajac Children’s Ranch. And we’ve purchased a 32′ trailer on tourist campsite area. 

So we are going from smaller to even smallest. 

Moving to a 2 bedroom Gatekeepers cabin  we downgraded a lot… and what we still have to do is go through the unpack box as after living with most of them well…..

In my devotions I’ve been reading about what really is important

We’ve hunted for a few things which we relagated to the spare bedroom. 

To me life really isn’t about things anymore… OK I’m not perfect but I do know that I am nothe where I was…

Do I really need a bigger screen tv? And I have it because??? 

We haven’t had cable here and survived… 

Our Internet speed is SSS….   LLLLL…… OOOOO….. WWWW!!! 

(Which is a good thing or I might spend to much wasted time “surfing”)

What I’m trying to be better at is spend time with God Through….

      Worship – Study – Prayers

There is one working on and that’s more concentrated alone time with God.

This I need to upsize…

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