Jan 1st, Hummer & Civic 

January 1st. The day we all make promises and goals and by February 1st…  yah…

The holidays of saying happy thoughts are over… people are not in touch… the promise of getting together drifts off…

And while fading away is socially acceptable… for people struggling with mental health it can be devastating… their “happy” chemicals which came from an expanded family/friends being together is gone and now they feel sadder…more alone… maybe it’s back to the “sadder” lever it was before the holidays… let me give you an idea…think about it… it’s like you now driving that beat up old clunker to work after borrowing a much better vehicle … maybe not an Hummer, but certainly an upgrade to a nice SUV … and now it’s disappointing… you wish you had it back…

That’s what I’m talking about… yes there are happy memories…but memories don’t physically hug you… they aren’t there in person..

I guess what I’m saying is… keep that vow to see them more often… sometimes a hug can do wonders for people like myself to get a hug or a phone call… because it means we get to drive a Honda Civic for a few days

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