Walt Disney – “Life is a harsh sentence…”

I just finished watching the movie Saving Mr. Banks – a story of how the book Mary Poppins became a Disney film…

SPOILER ALERT!! Walt and Mrs. P. L. Travers are talking – He has just flown to England for one last attempt to be trusted in bringing the book to screen. Walt reveals some of his past – how he had a totalitarian father growing up. He tells her that “rare is the day that I don’t think about the eight-year-old-boy delivering newspapers in the snow, and old Elias Disney with that strap in his fist. And I’m just tired, Mrs. Travers, I’m tired of remembering it that way. Aren’t you tired too, Mrs. Travers? Now we all have our sad tales but don’t you want to finish the story? Let it all go and have a life that isn’t dictated by the past.” 

Walt realizes that it wasn’t the children who Mary Poppins came to save – it was their father and the book is really all about forgiveness – Mrs. Travers retorts, that she does not need to forgive her father Walt  agrees saying “You need to forgive [yourself].”

“Life is a harsh sentence to lay down
for yourself.”

Here is where reality and imagination differ.  Walt is correct – it is a harsh sentence – so harsh that only Jesus can redeem our lives. Celebrate Recovery is where reality in life is laid out. We’ve all been given life sentences and we are made up from events in our life – good and negative. But the best part is – Jesus has already written the end of our story. He laid down his life 2000 years ago and took our life-sentence upon Himself.

We all have our own sad true to life tales. Our own hurts, habits and hang-ups – but we do not have to face the future alone. Being part of a church, getting healing will change our life story – choose to Celebrate life instead. Celebrate Recovery started 25 years ago in a single church in California. Today it is in over 20,000 churches around the world. I know how much it has helped me over the past 19 months.

Maybe it’s time for you to be freed from your life sentence.


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