Monthly Archives: July, 2014

Pow! Right in the kisser!

Today was a fairly good day at least for me. We’re in the midst of a major house cleaning and right now it looks like a tornado has hit my house. There have been many bags going to thrift stores as well as recycling. There are empty boxes there are full boxes. There is lots …

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How can you be depressed?!?!?

The other day at group therapy we were discussing on how people seem to think that depression “MUST” be gone the first time you laugh or crack a joke… yes, depressed people can still laugh and joke around… and giggle… and thank God we can – or the results might be horrendous.  I liken it …

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Reaching into the tornado

I like analogies…  And this one seems fit for for me…  At times my life suddenly seems like a have been swept up by a tornado and everything about me is pulled away…  Then I land but I’m definitely not in Kansas.  The aspects of my life are still stuck in the tornado and if …

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