From Extrovert to Introvert

A few months ago,  say November,  anyone who knows me would have classified me as an extrovert… Since my depression and anxiety have hit I am very much the opposite… 

So what has changed,  other than brain chemistry? From personal insight I would say that I’ve put up a wall partly for personal protection and to keep people away and partly because I don’t
seem to have the same energy (ability,  compassion,  patience… )  to deal with other people…

In some ways I am numb at times…

Other times my internal pain is already overwhelming enough…  And other times I simply don’t care or don’t care to notice… 

Either way,  the paradigm has shifted… 
I’m just wondering if others have noticed anything similar and can provide some personal introspective comments… 


  1. Adele

    This does not answer the above question but I just read a quote from Kierkegaard that I thought u might like….”Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”

  2. having always been an introvert, my initial insight would be that walls and boundaries are essential if we are to have the necessary strength to continue the painful inner work that’s required in order to finally begin to catch a glimpse of our true self…

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