Flickering Flame

For the past week I’ve been an inpatient at our local hospital…  In the psych ward…  Major med adjustments…  Tonight hubby will pick me up on a weekend pass…  Next week towards the end of the week I should be released…  Then the next phase of this journey will continue…  Trying to establish a daily routine…  Which is harder than it sounds…  Mostly it will be do an activity,  rest,  repeat…  I will be using coping strategies I have picked up during the last 2 months…  I will have my meds and the extra when required…
And I have my faith…  Without that I would be dead already…

I toying with the idea of attending church on Sunday…  Partly the stigma for mental illness often runs deep in churches…  Let me pray for you! Have faith! Be strong!

Now,  I do believe in miracles and healing from God…  I’ve seen too many miracles not to believe…

But I also know that Paul had an affliction – and he had incredible faith…  Timothy had a stomach ailment,  David & Elisha suffered from depression…

I don’t believe in the nothing bad should happen to me as in a Christian false faith…

Christians, I believe, are given trials to endure as a way to show His light during these dark times…

And yes, my light has flickered several times… But there is still a flame…
flickering flame

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  1. Prayers goin’ up! (((((((HUG))))))) Dear One. :’(….
    I am a friend of your brother, Kelly. ❤

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