Duck season or Wabbit season?

Did anxiety come first or did depression? One thing I know is that they like to play together and play fiendish pranks…  It reminds me of Bugs Bunny arguing with Duffy Duck over who was the target for Elmer Fudd… Bugs Bunny Clip

Some days you wake up and depression has decided to take most of the energy away from you…  Except when anxiety has the second act and you find yourself scurring to the bathroom (sorry if TMI)…

Other times you can be sitting reading or working on a puzzle when wham! It’s like a rocket ship just launched inside you…  It might be a delayed reaction to something from earlier and other times it just comes – reason unknown…

I wish that brain scans were more able to track the neurochemistry that happens…  Maybe in another decade…  At least until then there are some medications which can help…  And therapies which are a longer term aide…

The Canadian system isn’t bad and there are therapies which can help…  It just can take a while to get into the system ones compared to the self funded…  Which isn’t an option when you are either on employment insurance or some sort of disability…

Either way it’s going to be a long and hard journey with many hills and valleys to get through …  I’m blessed in that I have a good personal support network of family and friends as well as  some good medical experts helping me walk through my current valley…

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