My Toolbox

After a couple of hard days, and thanks to the prayers of friends,  I find myself tonight sleep in a place dedicated to  helping adults overcome mental health issues… 

Yesterday after working I was so fatigued in every sense that the darkness surrounded me and I wasn’t sure I could fight it off.  So at my case workers urging,  I again ended up at ER.

I heard once that if in your toolbox you online have a hammer then every issue gets treated like a nail…  And for this darkness a hammer is not the right tool…  I need to get other tools and put them in my toolbox and learn how and when to use them effectively…  That is what I’m hoping to find both here and as I will be continuing beyond my time here with other therapies and groups…

So here’s to adding new tools… 


  1. Adele

    I tend to worry a lot so from now on I am going to try and replace “what if?” with “so what?” That will be my new tool in my toolbox….so far so good today and if not “so what?” 🙂

  2. Adele

    I am going to add distraction to my toolbox (which I have learned is helpful from reading your blogs) I am on a holiday and sick with tooth infection and as I tend to exaggerate everything in my mind I am learning that distraction helps with the pain and worries….thx

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