Staff de-stigma-tization

Another day at work… but today when I got there we had a staff information meeting – and I divulged to them that I have mental health issues and I am being treated for them… Depression & Anxiety… and it wasn’t easy but I think it was needed… they got to hear how my back to work plan is and how it effects them… that I am considered extra for now… that I will be focusing on specific tasks… and avoiding others… that I am doing this with the full knowledge of my manager, HR and union personal… that we have an agreed on plan… and safety in place to make this work…

Not all staff were there… but hopefully enough were that they can spread the word – without it being gossip… it wasn’t easy – but needed… the stigma for mental health issues needs to stop!!!

I finished my “two” hours and I was buzzed… it literally felt like I had a bees nest inside my noggin… I’ve had a little down time since and tomorrow I will do 2 more hours – late morning… the buzzing has slowed down some… now I just will chill out until bed time… then face another day…

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